EHPV Companies

Our Shareholders

Our company's largest shareholder is Greg Erwin. We have included an extended piece about Greg that we hope you will find interesting.

"May you live in interesting times" is supposedly a Chinese curse with the double meaning of "interesting" being "dangerous." Some Chinese scholars believe that its Chinese origin is a hoax, because they find no trace of it and the double-entendre doesn't really work in Chinese. They think the expression actually arose in the United States and was characterized as a "Chinese curse" to give it mystique and credibility.

Things are not always what they seem. So it is with securities law, a supposedly dull field not allowing for any degree of creativity. I found it to be quite the contrary. Securities law is a hall of mirrors where creativity thrives, and one idea can change the shape of financial history. Michael Milken stands as one example. Although insider trading tarnished his image, there can be no doubt that his introduction and use of the junk bond left a lasting impression on American business.

I believe that I also made my contribution to the history of finance in America. And there can be no doubt that I lived in interesting times. Two times Congress passed laws against financial structures that would not have existed without my efforts because they were too favorable to taxpayers. After 20 years of practice I formed America First Companies, a partnership with E.F. Hutton, which raised $1.5 billion from the public and did some of the most successful financings of its time. This is my story - and I'm stickin' to it!